The Artist Spotlights are publicity stunts for ModNation Racers. All Spotlights go under PSN ID: ArtistSpotlight 1 and have created Mods, Karts and Tracks.

They are as followed:

Ted Price: Mod: Ratchet and Clank; Kart: Clankette's car

Naughty Dog: Mods: Nathan Drake and Sulley; Karts: Nate's kart and Sulley's kart; Track: Uncharted

Kevin Butler: Mods: KB, Coach KB; Kart: KB's kart; Track: The Butler Cup

Sucker Punch: Mod: Cole; Kart: Ray Sphere; Track: Return to Empire City

Kazunori Yamauchi: Mod: GT5; Kart: GT; Track: Gran Tourismo

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