File:Boost Pad.jpg

Boost Pads are Props that boost your Kart.

General Information Edit

The boost pads boost your forward or in it's direction when a kart runs right over it. You are boosted for approximately three seconds. When boosted your top speed (what ever it may be) will increase(almost all the time over max speed- no boost). There are two types of boost pads. There is the directional boost pad (red) and a regular or basic boost pad(green).

Directional Boost Pad Edit

The directional boost pad is the red one that, when triggered, boosts you in the direction it's arrows are pointing. If you on a directional boost pad when the arrows are pointing at you, the boost pad will make you turn around and boost for about two more seconds in that same direction.

Basic Boost Pad Edit

The basic boost pad is the green one that, when triggered, boosts you for the three seconds in any direction. If the directional post pad in the expample above (in the "Directional Boost Pad" section) was a green basic one, you would not be boosted backwards, you'll be boosted in the direction you were going in.

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