Carafa is a custom Mod in ModNation Racers.

About Edit

Carafa is a custom Mod created by Oriana2003love (AKA carafa0123).

Appearance Edit

She has dark brown side sweep hair ( she might look like an emo kid but it's all for Max ), circle eyes with black pupils ( she can't get her eyes off Max ), fang-like teeth, freckles, pink rosy cheeks, a diamond piercing near her chin, a red bow on her hair, a black shirt saying "THE WORD BECAME FLESH" with black and white striped sleeves, black pants, and light pink boots.

She can sometimes wear glasses, a gasmask, ugly makeup, her pajamas, her racing outift, you name it.

Her pajamas consist of a light pink shirt with a neon pink baby star on it, white socks with a neon pink line and underpants. Her buttcrack always shows as she never pulls up her pants.

She also has underpants that she stole from Max but shhh. She also likes to sniff out his underwear and shirt sometimes. When her buttcrack shows, she usually hopes Max will see it and hope that he'll want her.

Personality Edit

Carafa's personality is shown to be very zany, sluggish, and childish. She likes to goof off and mess with the other racers, especially Lish. She often likes to race her best friend, Max, usually beating him.

She also secretly finds Jojo creepy and like an old man, but she finds Jojo a little cute.

She also has a little crush on Max but to cover it up she tries to act chill and beat him up. Carafa is shy inside but she tries to cover it up. She goes a little redder than usual when around Max and she really likes it when he says that she did good or something. She also had a soft spot for him and tries to figure out what type of Mod he's into. She stalks Max and hates it whenever Shadow and the other female mods get near him. In her spare time while she's not practicing beating Max, she likes to be in her bedroom and roleplay ( like pretending that Max is the king and Carafa is his Queen )

Okay, who put that there.

What do you mean? You put that there

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