ModNation™ Racers 20

Crazy Crater, a Grand Tour track.

Crazy Crater is a Track in ModNation Racers. It is an enormous race track that is built inside the giant crater.

Career ModeEdit

This is the final track to race in both the Grand Tour and the orignal ModNation Racers PS3 and PSP's career mode, in which Tag faces Espresso, the defending MRC champion, and ten of the eleven other Elite Mods with hopes of claiming the champion title.


Advance: Finish 1st

Reward: Crazy Crater (Track), Temple 1 (Prop), Temple 2 (Prop), Temple 3 (Prop), Temple 6 (Prop), Tiki Head (Prop), Turtle Spray (Prop), Jungle Ruins Spray (Prop), Plane Wreck (Prop), Tiki Hut 9 (Prop), Crocodile Spray (Prop)

Payoff: Finish 1st

Get 15,000 Spin Points

Reward: Formula (Body), Open Wheel (Engine), Coffee Cup (Hood), Racing (Steering Wheel), Open Wheel (Suspension)

Bonus: Finish 1st

Get 160,000 Drift Points

Reward: Espresso (Elite Mod), Espresso's Kart (Elite Kart), Magnet (Odds 'N Ends), Aero Helmet (Headgear), Medal (Headgear), Clown (Bottoms), Quick Workout (Top)

Token LocationsEdit

Token One Edit

Token Two Edit

Token Three Edit

Token Four Edit

Token Five Edit

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