ModNation™ Racers 14

Dire Cliffs

Dire Cliffs is the first track in the Grand Tour. It is set in the Desert Theme. The track winds through a wide canyon and through bridges, high jumps, and a tunnel.

Best Lap: ?

Best Time: ?

Advance: Finish 3rd or better Reward: Dire Cliffs (Track), Beautiful (Sticker), Buzzzz (Odds 'N Ends)

Payoff: Finish 1st

Get 50,000 Drift Points

Reward: Shakedown (Body), Statue (Hood), Drag (Spoiler)

Bonus: Finish 1st

Take down 3 opponents in the canyon

Reward: Window Face (Eyewear), Buckteeth 1 (Mouth), Big Guy (Tops)

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