== Hello i am looking for racers to join my race team if you will like to join please send a messge to psn mightywow and i will contact you the race team has not got a limt to the amount of racers so you are free to join if you like your car can have a number if you like on the side and can have sponsers but if you like you can have are logo on your car to show your part of the group there is no members apart from my self so far so you can join i will get a pic of are logo as soon as i can see you all soon go Team england comment a pic of logos you like and i make it on MNMightywow-ERT 17:03, August 9, 2010 (UTC)mightywow ERT==

The car on the right is my new england race car

post your cars aswell if you like

Go to the talk page to post mods cars or tracks and to talk downloading or about any thing you whish messge mightwow to join the raceteam

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