Freddy Fazbear is the primary antagonist of the indie horror game, Five nights at Freddy's and its upcoming sequel Five nights at Freddy's 2. Freddy is considered the mascot for the series. He is generally the least active animatronic up until night 4, but can still kill players on the nights before.

Freddy Fazbear was made for ModNation Racers four times, although the best and most known version was made by KaiserVlad123. A version of Gold Freddy also exists.

KaiserVlad123's Freddy FazbearEdit

The mod bears great resemblance to his original counterpart. He has dark-brown metallic skin, light-blue eyes, a black top hat and bow tie, and two brown ears atop his head. He has his own kart, which he shares with other Five nights at Freddy's characters made by kaiserVlad123.

treking99's Golden FreddyEdit

Main article: Gold Freddy

Treking99 made the first version of Gold Freddy. It has an appearance similar to that of KaiserVlad123's Freddy Fazbear, but is not exactly the same, due to said creation not being able to be remixed by other users.