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Grand Tour
ModNation™ Racers 20
Crazy Crater, a track in the Grand Tour.

Tour #


Appears in

ModNation Racers (PSP)


Dire Cliffs
Rumble Jungle
Citadel Heights
Mt. Pain
Crazy Crater

Elite Mods

Diablo, Drillbit, Dolor, Fade, Hale, Iceman, Jez, Scout, Shadow, Skidplate, Wildcard

The Grand Tour is the fifth and final tour of ModNation Racers. The best of the Elite Mods (Diablo, Drillbit, Dolor, Fade, Hale, Iceman, Jez, Scout, Shadow, Skidplate, and Wildcard) are here to compete in this tour. This tour contains: Dire Cliffs, Breakwater, Rumble Jungle, Citadel Heights, Fracture, Mt. Pain, and Crazy Crater where you can beat Espresso. Here, you have to stay in 1st place in order to win the final race to become a new champion.


  • In the PS3 version, Nato, Aloha, Dyno, and Slick doesn't come back to any of the races in the Grand Tour, but this is strange because all of the Elite Mods are supposed to be in the Grand Tour.
  • Skidplate is cut out of the final race, Crazy Crater. This is most likely because Espresso is added to the race, and the race can only have 12 racers.

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