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Shadow Airtime

Shadow's Kart.

Kart Bodies are Kart parts that are the body of the Karts. There are at least 56 Bodies available to use.

Kart BodiesEdit

Muscle BodiesEdit


Tag's Kart

Tag's Kart, a Rambler Kart.

The Rambler Kart Body is a dark red Muscle body that Tag's Kart uses. It is similar to Gee Bee in a way.

Exotic BodiesEdit



A yellow kart body, Iceman drives one. It is unlocked after beating the bonus on Craggy Hills

Vintage BodiesEdit

Race BodiesEdit

OffRoad BodiesEdit



An olive green kart body based off a willys jeep, Nato drives one. It is unlocked after beating the bonus on Sinkhole

Tuner BodiesEdit

Concept BodiesEdit

Silly BodiesEdit

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