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Elite Mod?



Mangalf's Kart



Appearance Edit

Max is a mod based on Mangalf64, created by Carafa0123, his appearance consists of brown side sweep hair, circle eyes with black pupils with eyebags under them,rosy cheeks ,a sad looking fang mouth a gray shirt that says "YOU DARE MOCK THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND" on it in red, and white briefs

he also wears a variety of other things such as

  • A Cop outfit
  • A pink tuxedo
  • a thug outfit
  • a robot suit
  • Carafas Outfit
  • A Cow suit with a crown

Personality Edit

Maxs personality is shown to be very tired and angry with his character showing almost no happiness and him getting very angry over losses, which are common, and he screams and swears alot, getting competitive, but he has a very funny sense of humour, Carafa is his best friend, showing somewhat of a soft spot for her, but getting competitive with her regardless

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