Amanda Montague


A powerful neutral in our world.



Amanda Montague is a ModNation Racers Mod created by user WM86.


Amanda has hazel eyes and dirty brown hair. She also loves the color pink, seeing that it's feminine, and has this all over her helmet, racing suit, and gloves, as well as her "Sneaks". She is also the first storybook character created by WM86 in 1992. She is often told she resembles actress Odette Yustman from films such as Cloverfield, The Unborn, Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape and most recently You Again. She is the girlfriend of Hayden "Player 1" Wilder.

Since late 1992 or early 1993, Amanda, a neutral (neither good nor evil) who doesn't know her age or where she was born or grew up (she's born somewhere between 1984 and 1987, which nowadays makes her in her 20s), has been known for visiting the dreams of people around the world, usually boys. In fact, her whole identity remains a mystery. She's basically a mixture of Sho Shinjo from the Battle Arena Toshinden series and Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series when it comes to certain stuff. It's often said that anyone racing against her will likely wind up in an accident--especially in the ModNation Racing Championship. It's rumored that SpiraTech Industries--at war with the world of ModNation for years--had named their latest evil scheme after her.

One day she noticed Drillbit secretly building tracks on SpiraTech's premises and proceeded to Sideswipe him, but a certain red kart (likely Hayden) beat her to it. As soon as she took the lead on the Fracture track on the Grand Tour, she noticed a white/carnation pink/purple kart following her until the Hydra hit that kart, sending its operator, Jez, falling 30 feet to her doom off the canyon. Jez tried to take another swing at Amanda during the final moments of the race, but was Sideswiped, going (you guessed it) off the course AGAIN and finishing the race in last place as a result.

It's also said that Amanda is a free traveler and never stays in one place too long and sometimes builds her own tracks in faraway lands. Some racers like Lish, Astro Kitty and the other female Elite, Shadow look up to her, obviously because of her being a mysterious young woman. There's no telling what adventures she will have next.



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