Oliver Kurtz




Oliver Kurtz is a ModNation Racers Mod created by user WM86.


Oliver is one of the "heavyweight" Mods (usually Mods with the Beefcake voice) that helps Hayden (Player 1) and Aimee (Player 2) out on their ModNation adventures. He wears a plaid helmet, a Tuxedo and Uniform Shoes as well as hazel eyes and blond hair as well as black frame glasses. He is said to resemble Drew Carey, the host of The Price is Right who succeeded legendary host Bob Barker--who first hosted the show on September 4, 1972--in 2007 and recently lost over 85 pounds before Season 39 of the mega-juggernaut, Emmy award-winning game show started.

It is also said that he is a huge game show junkie, and paints his karts with yellow dollar signs on the hood. He is good friends with Tag and Harry and cannot stand Jez, as he Sideswipes her off the track every time, and the other two Heavyweight Mods, Nato and Diablo (with the Monster voice), kind of distract him from trying to finish first. He enters the Career to prove that heavyweights like him have more fun, but was in for a real shock when he saw Vernon Ashworth, a shipping yard and construction worker, and Danielle Saxton (with the Prom Queen voice but strangely enough, with a stripped version of Drillbit's kart with camouflage patterns), a monster truck enthusiast inspired by a dream Oliver's creator had in 2007 where she drove the Grave Digger monster truck in an arena. If heavyweights are going to rule the circuit, Oliver's arguably the best choice to lead the obscure league of them.



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