Private MacCrazy
[[Private MacCrazy1|300px|]]


Pushing people into clay since 2001



Mod:Private MacCrazy is a custom ModNation Racers Mod.


MacCrazy before was a recruit in the army. He was kicked out because of his crazy ideas and an Explosion that caused him to lose his eye and right ear. He still retains his military clothes.


MacCrazy and his crazy jeep.

His TrackEdit

MacCrazy also has a track called "MacCrazy's Boot Camp". It is a training camp in the jungle designed for racing started.

His KartEdit

Private MacCrazy2
MacCrazy use a cardboard frame to build a military jeep, powered by a special D-type battery to drive at an average speed kart and military terrain tires. Painted with military camouflage and army symbol.

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