Mod: Aktu is a ModNation Racers Mod.


Aktu is a cat, much like Zorku, except blue. He wears overalls to show his profession, which bear some scorch marks, and work boots. His hair is rather short.

He lost his left eye due to an accident while working on a piece of machinery of which a screw, bolt or similar shot into his eye. He had no choice but to have his eye pulled out. He got a fake one after he was released, but got an eye-patch anyways.

He is the mechanic in Zorku's crew, and the second one to join him. He majorly looks over the performance of the karts, and if he spots a problem, he usually can get it fixed unless he doesn't have the tools or skills required to repair the problem (of which they would send the kart to another mechanic that could).



Other Mods By UserEdit

Other Mods in CrewEdit

Leader: Zorku

Right-hand Man: Ranvako

Member 1: Ashieria

Member 2: -to be edited-

Member 3: -to be edited-

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