Ranvako is a custom ModNation Racers Mod.


Ranvako is Zorku's right-hand man. He helps maintain the crew and keeps the crew motivated.

Ranvako was a guy that had a dream that many (or all) racers had: become the champion of the MRC. There was only one problem; he had no kart. He tried raising money, but would never get enough. Then he met Zorku, a good racer with a good heart. Zorku built a kart for Ranvako a said that he would pay for any expensives himself so that Ranvako wouldn't have to even help pitch in. Ranvako was overjoyed when he saw the kart Zorku made him, and when Zorku asked if he could start a crew with Ranvako, he couldn't be happier. He now races with Zorku often, and feels like a true member of the crew.



Other Mods By UserEdit

-Any below (in Other Mods in Crew).

Other Mods in CrewEdit

Leader: Zorku

Mechanic: Aktu

Member 1: Ashieria

Member 2: -to be updated-

Member 3: -to be updated-

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