The NR-01 was the first kart made by NRGA-RACING.

NRGA-RACING TEAM (known as NRGA-BMW too) was a private racing team that participated in the MRC in 2011 and 2012, winning the championship both times. The team emerged as the collaboration between the engineer 22B, BMW Motorsport and the current world champion Tag. The idea was to use the money that Tag obtained by winning the championship to develop "the ultimate racing kart". 22B designed the kart from a Formula bodywork that has received a thorough aerodynamic study and the engine was created by BMW. The kart was named NR-01 and when Tag tested it for the first time, it was over 5 seconds faster then Tag´s old one. Tag himself described the kart as "a dream on wheels".


  • 2011 SEASON: Everything seemed to go well for the rookie team but in the pre-season test, Tag broke his arm in an unfortunate accident. That was a big problem because Tag would had to rest for two months and the MRC would begin in a week. The only solution was to find a substitute driver. 22B, the team leader, learned that Jez had quarreled with her father (he did not want his daughter to continue competing in the MRC) and she had left home. Finally, 22B decided to hire Jez giving her the opportunity to compete while Tag was recovering from the accident. The first races were completely dominated by Jez, who became, against all odds, the great candidate to win the world championship. The NR-01 seemed to be unbeatable an Jez could make history by becoming the first woman to win the MRC. But as the season progressed the first problems appeared. The development of the NR-01 had been too expensive and the team barely had money to further improve the kart during the season. Due to these financial problems, opponents were gaining ground. The only companies who supported the team were BMW, Burn Energy Drink, Mobil 1 and Koni and their help was not enough to guarantee the survival of the team. Finally, Tag retuned to competition as the teammate of Jez and they managed to save the situation. At the end of the season, Jez became the world champion, realizing her dream, and Tag was the runner-up.
  • 2012 SEASON: In 2012, the team wanted to defend their title. The new kart designed by 22B, the NR-02 , was a complete upgrade of the NR-01 and seemed to be even better than its predecessor. In addition, the team would no longer have the economic problems of the previous year because NRGA-RACING gained the support of Dell Inc, TNT Express, Daikin Industries Ltd, NIKE Inc, 3M and, at the end of the season, Hertz Rent-a-Car. Meanwhile, Jez had made ​​peace with her father and she decided to leave the team to continue competing in solo. After that, 22B himself decided to take the place of Jez as the teammate of Tag. Once again, the NR-02 was one step ahead of competition during the season and in the end, 22B was proclaimed world champion easily. Tag had some problems with the kart at first, but he managed to regain ground and he was the runner-up for the second consecutive year.
  • OUT OF COMPETITION: In June 2012, 22B announced publicly that NRGA-RACING will not participate in the MRC in 2013. The reason was that the financial relations with the sponsors of the team were too unstable and some were broken. 22B also said that 30% of the money earned in the last two years would be donated to NGOs and for the protection of sheep (by request of Jez ). Despite its short life, NRGA-RACING will always be remembered for what it was; a successful team formed by successful people.

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