ModNation™ Racers (11)
is a Mod in ModNation Racers. He kind of looks like the kid from Where The Wild Things Are. He wears that of a baby or to a lesser extent an infant's clothing, this clothing is sleeper with a hoodie that retains the look of a mouse. His main colors are yellow and purple. Along with his clothing style PJ acts like a big baby all the time as visual in the beginning of Modobahn. PJ's clothes are actually related to a baby's clothes, rather than an infant since they have an opening around the rear area, which would be used for diaper changing. PJ is given as a normal mod that can be re-mixed.


  • PJ along with Astro Kitty can be seen in the Modnation Racers Club space in PlayStation Home giving out racing tips.
  • He is a common mod.
  • He appears during The Grim Tour.
  • PJ is the racer in the kart in the game in the ModNation Racers Club.

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