A Missile, the first thing you think when talking about MNR Power-ups.

Power-Ups are obtained by collecting item pods. There are four weapon classes and a shield class. Each class (excluding shield) has four tiers and can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon.

Class Weapon Name/Tier Description Image
PS3/PSP/PSVita Power-ups
Supercharge Jumpstart (Tier 1) Provides an acceleration boost allowing the player to go faster for a short period of time. Weapon Jumpstart
Supercharger (Tier 2) Similar to the Tier 1 effect but lasts longer. Also, driving into opponents can knock players off course. ModNation™ Racers 2
Warp (Tier 3) Accelerates the player to relativistic speeds causing the formation of a wormhole & slingshot the player farther ahead on the track. Doing this with racers behind you, they get sucked into the wormhole with you as well as gain the effects. Weapon Warp
Supercharge Secondary (N/A) Spills a type of slick that slows multiple karts unlucky enough to drive through it. Weapon SuperchargeSecondary
Gun Straight Shot (Tier 1) Launches a rocket straight ahead of the player which will destroy any kart it comes in contact with. Bounces off of a couple walls & it is possible to hit yourself. Weapon StraightShot
Swarm (Tier 2) Launches a group of guided rockets targeting some of the karts ahead of the player. Weapon Swarm
Hydra (Tier 3) Launches multiple guided rockets that will target all players ahead of the player. Explodes into multiple swarm missiles with one seeker rocket that trails behind the smaller missiles usually being used on whoever is 1st, also, it's nearly impossible to block, usually requiring 2 timed shields, first shield to block the swarm missiles, & the second shield for the seeker rocket there after. Weapon Hydra
Gun Secondary (N/A) Drops a spiked ball that sticks to the ground, emitting a trigger radius, & detonates upon impact or if radial area is triggered, or if untouched for 10 seconds. Weapon GunSecondary
Bolt* Bolt (Tier 1) Launches a straight bolt of electricity that will disable any kart it comes in contact with. It also has a chain reaction, if multiple karts are close together, the bolt will jump from kart to kart. Weapon Bolt
Chain Bolt (Tier 2) Launches two bolts of electricity along the track that targets karts ahead of the player. It is entirely possible to Chain Bolt yourself. Weapon ChainBolt
Bolt Storm (Tier 3) Launches a charge into the heavens, causing lightning to strike all karts ahead of the player. Weapon BoltStorm
Bolt Secondary (N/A) Drops a spiked ball that sticks to the ground, emitting a trigger radius, & detonates upon impact or if radial area is triggered. Weapon BoltSecondary
Sonic Sonic Bomb (Tier 1) Emits a shockwave around the player's kart knocking out any opponents within it's radius. Weapon SonicBomb
Sonic Cannon (Tier 2) Launches three bombs ahead of the player which detonate a shockwave upon impact. Weapon SonicCannon
Sonic Rift (Tier 3) Launches a pulsating projectile along the track emitting shockwaves knocking out opponents. The attack has a 3 second delay, appearing in view as if it missed you, making it difficult to predict. In the PSVita version, it launches a projectile and scatters a stationary sonic shockwaves in front of the pack. Weapon SonicRift
Sonic Secondary (N/A) Drops a spiked ball that sticks to the ground, emitting a trigger radius, & explodes upon impact or if radial area is triggered. Weapon SonicSecondary
Takedown Sideswipe Takedown A flick of a right stick (or up d-pad for PSP) slams a player into the rival's kart side off the road. Weapon Sideswipe
Stomp Takedown (PSP Only) Stomp your kart like an elephant as it lands to shake off rivals within its radius.
Shield Shield (Tier 1) Emits a barrier which acts as a defensive shield that helps protect the user against weapon classes. Requiring one bar of boost for activation, it lasts for approximately 2 seconds. Weapon Shield
PSP-Only Power-ups
Beam Laser Launches a laser beam at a straight shot.
Tri-Beam Shoots 3 laser beams in each directions.
Mine Mines Deploys a random number of mines behind you. (up to 3)
PSVita-Only Power-ups
Fire Flaming Fury (Tier 1) Launches a fireball ahead. Weapon FlamingFury
Triple Fury (Tier 2) Launches 3 fireballs scattered ahead. Weapon TripleFury
Phoenix (Tier 3) Summons a fiery phoenix above and emits fireballs onto the track. Weapon Phoenix
Ice Freeze Spray (Tier 1) Launches ice droplets down the track. Leaving icy slick on it. Weapon FreezeSpray
Ice Vortex (Tier 2) Turns your kart into an ice storm. Stunning every opponents near it. Weapon IceVortex
Snow Boulder (Tier 3) Turns your kart into a massive snowball. Crushes opponents in your way. Weapon SnowBoulder
Nature Pebble Blaster (Tier 1) Fires chunks of stones ahead. Weapon PebbleBuster
Dust Devil (Tier 2) Fires 2 sandstorms ahead that lock nearest opponent and engulf them. Weapon DustDevil
Rockslide (Tier 3) A group of boulders roll towards the pack. Weapon Rockslide
Radioactive Mine Plutonium Mine (Tier 1) Lays a mine behind you. Weapon PlutoniumMine
Toxic Cloud (Tier 2) Lays a swirling cloud behind you. Weapon ToxicCloud
Toxic Cesspool (Tier 3) Lays a toxic bubbling slick behind you. Weapon ToxicCesspool

*Bolts and Chain Bolts in the PSP version can ricochet off walls and homes nearby rivals.