ModNation™ Racers 7

Rickety Bridge

Rickety Bridge is the fourth track of The Range Tour. This course is an idyllic beach setting 40 miles off the coast. At a pre-race cutscene, Scout cracks his knuckles at Tag, in order to intimidate him and establish his dominance on the track early on. You need to take down your opponent on a big bridge (you need an item or sideswipe when you beside your opponent when you have enough Boost).

Best Lap: ???

Best Time: ???


Advance: Finish 3rd or better

Prizes: Rickety Bridge, Underbite,

Payoff: Finish 1st; Take down 3 opponents on the big bridge

Prizes: Baja, High Offroad, Mudders

Bonus: Finish 1st; Take down Scout on the big bridge

Prizes: Cardboard Mask, Arrow, Spotlight 1, Stadium, Oh So Pretty

Grudge Match: Outscore Scout

Prizes: Scout, Scout's Kart, Feline, Cornrows

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