This trick, found by U11311 on the "Bug jungle" Track in 2010, will allow you to perform the same actions to Breadcrumbs and Branches that you can do to the main track in Track Studio.

How to useEdit

  1. First, select Sculpt Terrain, then select the Sculpt along Track Tool.
  2. Next, move over to the Breadcrumb or Branch you want, then enter its path.
  3. Now save the track, or enter Test Race without leaving the Breadcrumb's or Branch's Path in Sculpt along Track.

Now you can do almost anything to the Breadcrumb or Branch you can do to the main track.

modnation racers breadcrumbo using this trick==

Actions possible using this trickEdit

  1. You can now place Breadcrumbs on other Breadcrumbs and Branches.
  2. You can Auto-Populate Breadcrumbs.
  3. You can edit the path of Breadcrumbs (only on ModNation Racers Road Trip, but the Breadcrumb Spheres won't update until you renter Track Studio).
  4. You can edit the Road Surface of Breadcrumbs (only on PS3 version. (on MNR Road Trip, the Re-Pave tool will paint using the default Land and Bridge Road Surfaces, which you can't do anything about.))

Actions impossible to performEdit

  1. You cannot put Branches along the path of both Breadcrumbs and Branches.
  2. You can only make Breadcrumbs that start and end on the same path (You cannot make a Breadcrumb start on a Breadcrumb path and end on the main track, for example).
  3. The Breadcrumbs and Branches will not be shown on the track map.
  4. Deleting the Breadcrumb Path will cause a track bug when the track is loaded after you exit Track Studio.

Actions impossible to perform (PS3 only)Edit

  1. On the PS3 version only, the Breadcrumbs does not update with Basic Edit, Re-Pave, or Advanced Edit tools, however, all three will update Breadcrumbs on ModNation Racers Road Trip.

Actions impossible to perform (MNR RT only)Edit

  1. You cannot edit the Road Surface of Breadcrumbs, or use the Re-Draw tool.


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