SuperCrg lv1

The Jumpstart being fired.


This series of weapons will boost players to give them a better chance to catch up with the lead player.

Level one: JumpstartEdit

This weapon will give players a boost that lasts for a few seconds. For the duration of the boost the screen will be tinted green slightly for the player that uses it.

Level two: SuperchargerEdit

SuperCrg lv2

The Supercharger being fired.

This weapon will give players a greater boost that lasts for significantly longer than the Jumpstart. For the duration of the boost the screen will be tinted green.

Level three: WarpEdit


This weapon will boost the user and create a green warp zone that the user will automatically enter. Players that enter the warp will have his or her screen turn white, then be teleported to a certain location. When teleported, the player will have a green boost, become auto-piloted, and have green flaming trails. The weapons user's boost will last for the warp's lifetime, and players that are warped will have this effect for the same amount of time.

Supercharger Secondary level two or threeEdit

ModNation Racers This is only relevant to the PS3 version of this game. This is because Secondary weapons don't exist in ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

The Supercharger secondary weapon is different from the other ones. It will explode and turn into a puddle. Level two puddles will disappear after one player passes over it, and level three puddles survives two played passes and disappear after three.

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