Top Speed is a blue mod that was created on October 12, 2​​013. Top has a very top-notch storyline, and goes through lots of fast, red-hot experiences to get to where he's going. Top's best friend is Tinker Wit, a very smart little boy who is amazing with computers. He helps Top repair and upgrade his Kart. Top's other friend - and rival - is Boris, and his girlfriend is Accel Boost.

Age: 15

Allies: Tinker Wit, Boris Punch, Accel Boost (girlfriend), Chase, Dashaima, Joe, Bud, Flippy, all other Top Speed characters (heroes only).

Rivals: Rapido, Slug, all other Top Speed villains.

Likes: Racing.

Speed: 5/9

Acceleration: 4/9

Weight: 3/4

Handling: 2/6

Drift: 3/6

Off-road: 3/3


Top's stats are standard, but mostly range in speed. He is amazing at speed and acceleration, terrible at handling, but standard at weight, drift and off-road. His speed is second only to Rapido' s. His acceleration is second only to Accel.


Top was originally a top-notch slacker, though he was only this way because his parents died. His father was an awesome racer (he is the best player in all games), and Top was proud of him, but he was unfortunately dead. Top had repetitive nightmares about them being dead, but the storyline only starts when Top is still racing in his less formal attire. His kart messes up, caused by a machine made by Slug. Slug was the originally the slowest racer on the 1964 Tourismo Cups, and he had decided to get revenge on Top's father for being the fastest racer. His first idea was to sideswipe him on turn three at the 2013 Speedy Tour, but realized that Top's parents were painfully deceased. So, when he found out that Top was the son of Boostius (Revealed when Top called him by his real name when he saw him as a ghost in "Tables Turned"), he vowed to get revenge on Top Speed.

Top has blue hair with blue racing goggles, a blue shirt with the word GO on it, blue pants, blue shoes, blue eyes, and two rings on respective hands.

Top meets Tinker the next day, telling him that his Kart broke down, so Tinker helps him fix it, with a new design. Tinker reveals that it is the fastest Kart in the world, until someone named Rapidly breaks in and says his Kart is the fastest.

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