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The Edit page of the Circle Menu that opens after First Drive.

When you are out of First Drive, four options are on the Circle Menu that opens. This page is about the Edit Menu.


This is the Circle Menu where you do almost all of your track editing. There are five options in this menu, Modify Track, Prop Placement, Deform Terrain, Paint Terrain, and Sky.

Modify TrackEdit


Re-Pave is used to change the road style.

See Track Studio (PSP)/Edit/Modify Track for more info.

In this menu, there are a lot of tools to edit your track.

Prop PlacementEdit


Prop Placement.

See Track Studio (PSP)/Edit/Prop Placement for more info.

With this tool, you can place Props in your Track.

Deform TerrainEdit


Deforming the Terrain in Track Studio.

See Track Studio (PSP)/Edit/Deform Terrain for more info.

Using this tool, you can deform the Terrain. There are more than six terrain brushes, so you can edit the Terrain to your liking. You can even resize the brush. There is a fixed Water object that you can't change the level of, however.

Paint TerrainEdit


Painting the Terrain in Track Studio.

See Track Studio (PSP)/Edit/Paint Terrain for more info.

Using this tool, you can edit the Terrain Paint. There are more than six surfaces to use, and you can resize the brush, so painting the Terrain is easy.


See Track Studio (PSP)/Edit/Sky for more info.

The sky can be changed between Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Cloudy. The lighting will change somewhat to reflect the new setting.

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