Prop Placement tool.

With this tool, you can place Props in your Track. You can place buildings, trees, rocks, Boost Pads, ramps, and more.

Edit PropsEdit

File:Edit Props PSP.jpg

After placing props, press Cross and you will enter a mode where you can edit the prop you just selected. You can move and rotate the prop. For some props, you can edit the prop's height. Some props are Tweakable, and you can press Square to enter the tweak menu to edit them. If you made a mistake, need to move the prop to the other side of the track, but can't, or decide that the prop is not needed, press the Triangle button to delete the Prop.

Place along track modeEdit

File:Place Along Track PSP.jpg

By pressing 20px, you can switch to this mode and place props along the track. You can also view the track in the player's perspective.

Prop BudgetEdit

You can only place a limited amount of props in a track, and the green bar on the left of the screen tells you how much you can place.