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  • I live in Sud de la France
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Etudiant
  • I am Créateur de Fragments d'Eden
  • Math34

    My ModNation Racers 2

    July 5, 2015 by Math34

    Developer (s)

    United Front Games (PS4)

    SCE San Diego Studio (PS4)

    Publisher (s)

    Sony Computer Entertainment

    Designer (s)

    Mat Thomas [1]

    Composer (s)

    Marc Baril, [2] Peter Chapman, Melissa Reese (theme tune) [3]

    Jono Grant

    Platform (s)

    Playstation 4

    Release Date (s)

    UK June 4, 2016 [5]

    AUS June 6, 2016 [66]

    EU June 7, 2016 [7]

    USA June 9, 2016 [8]

    JP July 13, 2016 [66]

    Genre (s)

    UGC Racing game

    Mode (s)


    Playstation 4

    offline multiplayer

    (Up to 4 players), [9]

    online multiplayer

    (Up to 4 local players, 12 players online) [9]


    Playstation 4

    Blu-ray Disc

    ModNation Racers 2 is a kart racing game developed by United Front Games for the PlayStation 4 .It is the direct result of ModNation Racers, released in May 2010, since six years.User Generated Con…

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